prestige pres‧tige [preˈstiːʒ] noun [uncountable]
the respect and importance a person, organization, profession, or product has because of their success and high quality:

• The bank lost both money and prestige as a result of the transaction.

• Revlon launched a comprehensive marketing program for its prestige brands.

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prestige UK US /presˈtiːʒ/ noun [U]
respect or admiration that is given to someone or something, usually because of the reputation that they have for high quality, success, or social influence: »

The company has gained international prestige in recent years.


the prestige of working for a top Wall Street firm

low/high prestige »

a gold credit card with high prestige

enjoy/gain prestige »

Many of these companies enjoy prestige outside their own countries.

have/lack prestige »

The brand lacked prestige and had poor name recognition.

prestige UK US /presˈtiːʒ/ adjective [before noun]
used to describe something that causes people to feel respect or admiration, for example because it is of high quality or connected with social success: »

The company is a manufacturer of prestige products.

Financial and business terms. 2012.

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